Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wildlife Should Stay Wild

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To help the creatures that reside in the jungle or woodland areas, the best thing for humans to do is to conserve their habitat.

For Pedro Méndez Carvajal, member of Panama’s Mastozoológica Society, conservation of the flora and fauna is of utmost importance, but he warns: “Even though we think we are doing the right thing, it is not always so.”

Méndez stresses that even though a person’s objective may be to protect the animal and plant species, sometimes an individual’s good intentions can be damaging. “To truly help the wildlife, a person should educate themselves about that specie’s particular biology and the role that each animal and plant species fulfills in its surrounding environment since each one represents a link in the chain of the other,” said Méndez, who works for the Florida Museum of Natural History in the assortment of mammals.

Mendez considers it mistaken to think that a wild animal would be better off in a person’s house than in their natural habitat, further emphasizing that the best way in which a human being can contribute to the survival of these species is to conserve their natural environment, as opposed to turning them into household pets.

For example, Méndez explains, to separate a monkey from its family is traumatic, creating issues for the monkey when it is reintroduced into the jungle.

IPTV about Property in Panama

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