Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Affordable Luxury Condos in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas Point Condominiums -- Get in touch for more info!

Asking Price: $79,950 USD

Bocas Point condominium is a luxury, first class project of 44 apartments, 36 are one (1) bedroom units and 8 are a two (2) bedroom units.

One bedroom units range from 277 to 751 sq. ft. ( 26 to 70 M2) & two bedroom units range from 774 to 911 sq. ft. (72 to 85 M2).

The project is one, 4-story building, with each level possessing 11 apartments.

The condominium has a social/common area of 1,614 sq. ft. (150 M2), which includes a nice swimming pool, a bohio, area to take the sun and a BBQ facility.

The condos on the 3rd and 4rd levels will have an ocean view. The ocean is 1 block away from the apartments facing the main street and a couple of hundred yards away from the ones facing the opposite direction. The 1st level apartments in the back will have a nice, private patio.

There will a parking lot with 22 spaces for owner and visitor use. The condominium will have a waste water treatment plant and a water reserve tank, enough to last a few days.


Bocas Point condominium will be located on the corner between Ave. G (main street) and Calle 8th on a lot of 950 M2 or 10,222 sq. ft., located just blocks from downtown Bocas del Toro Cand one (1) block away from the ocean. It is a fully titled property.

This project has all the advantages of being within the city, with regards to city utilities, infrastructure and amenities. Bocas Point Condo is located in walking distance from restaurants, bars, grocery stores, boat tours, public offices and hotels.

Visit the Bocas Point website for more information!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Real Estate of Casco Viejo in Panama City, Panama

One of my favorite places in Panama! Be careful...The real estate is so hot there you might get burnt! Okay, that was cheesey, but it's true. Real estate in Casco Viejo is booming right now. Click here to watch a program about the architectural beauty of Panama.

Romantic, bohemian and cozy, Panama’s Casco Viejo offers the charm of another era for visitors as well as its residents. Founded in 1673, Casco Viejo is the second Panama City, built after the famous pirate Henry Morgan attacked and destroyed the first city center, Panama La Vieja, forcing its inhabitants to move to a new location 2 kilometers west-southeast of the original city.

Casco Viejo, located in the San Felipe neighborhood, was declared a World Heritage Center by UNESCO in 1997. Strolling along the narrow streets and alleyways of Casco Viejo, one can admire an architectural legacy and mix of colonial, European and Neoclassical art, above all from Spain and France.

Furthermore, Casco Viejo is a fantastic place to invest. For example, the Panamanian government passed legislation that provides incentives for the purchase, restoration and commercialization of properties in Casco Viejo, to encourage the area’s resurrection to its original splendor. Thanks to this legislation, Casco Viejo has been able to restore a large part of the historic properties, many that date back more than a century, which further increases the value of real estate in Casco Viejo.

Individuals that are looking for a vibrant lifestyle, and a panache property to match, will surely find it amongst Casco Viejo’s narrow streets of brick and its facades with large, beautifully forged balconies and generous spaces, which overlook the area’s rich nightlife and ample cultural variety.

The price per square meter oscillates around $2,000, depending on the characteristics of the property, many of which possess a privileged ocean view, twos-stories, walls of original stone, niches and other beautiful characteristics of colonial architecture, which today are combined with the facilities of modern life, such as Internet access and cable television.

The restored homes of Casco Viejo provide the perfect balance of history and modernism, possessing an authentic flavor and unique atmosphere that is difficult to imitate. Casco Viejo is definitely a place to live or invest.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”
-Arthur Ashe

Happy Memorial Day | Real Estate in Panama

Happy Memorial day everyone!!! After paying tribute to our troops, check out some real estate in Panama ;-D

LOCATION: Punta Pacifica, Panama City
AREA: 72,00m² / 775,00 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$400,000.00

Click here to request more information about the Trump Ocean Club in Panama. Click on New Projects and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!

LOCATION: Coronado Beach
AREA: 170,00m² / 1.829,86 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$329,000.00

Click here to request more information about the Coronado Country Club in Panama. Click on Beach Condos and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!

AREA: 282,00m² / 3.035,42 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$312,480.00

Click here to request more information about the Costa Sur Pijao in Panama. Click on City Homes and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!

AREA: 90,00m² / 968,75 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$245,000.00

Click here to request more information about the De Novo in Panama. Click on New Projects and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Names in Panama Real Estate

Check out more real estate in Panama now!

Few cities in the world live a moment as important as the growth of Panama’s real estate industry . Distinguished representatives from important disciplines related to the real estate sector find themselves developing projects of international caliber on the Isthmus of Panama. Such is the case for Donald Trump, Philippe Starck and Frank O. Gehry, three protagonists and three different projects united by a single thread: They all share the same backdrop for their masterpieces, Panama City.

Frank O. Gehry: Architect of a Dream
And it really is “a dream come true” for Panama. Soon, Panama will become one of the few cities in the world to possess a masterpiece by Frank O. Gehry, an architect that has created such important emblems as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Gehry is the designer of the plans for the Biodiversity Museum, located on the Amador Causeway. The museum’s expositions, designed by the Canadian firm Bruce Mau Design, one of the most important in the world, narrate the history of life and of Panama as a biological crossroads. Without a doubt, it will be an obligatory stop for tourists and Panamanians that continue to traverse this natural “Bride of the Americas,” since it is sure to be a monumental work in Panama. For more information, visit:

Donald Trump: The Real Estate Tycoon
One of the richest and most powerful men in the world, having built his fortune two times thanks to real estate, has set his sights on Panama, a country that he fell in love with during a Miss Universe pageant, according to his own accounts.

Trump’s real estate project in Panama, the Trump Ocean Club, will be a residential, hotel and office complex possessing 68-stories in Punta Pacific. The influential Trump name combined with its impressive architecture of 2.6 million square feet (252,000 square meters) will surely lead it to become an architectural icon of Panama. For more information, visit:

Philippe Starck: Intelligent and Interesting Design
Alongside the world’s great cities, such as New York and Paris, a building is being designed in Panama by the famous French designer Philippe Starck, under the firm Yoo, a real estate firm that strongly emphasizes design.

The concept of Yoo is to create personalized spaces according to the necessities of the inhabitants. Societies are changing, and people want to live, work and have fun in one place or in close proximity to their home. To be on the cutting edge of this trend, Yoo’s projects plan to convert themselves into “vertical villas.”

With his unique vision of design and esthetics, Philippe Starck will apply his personal touch to Yoo’s building located on Panama’s Balboa Avenue, Sales will begin in the next couple of months, and its promoters have announced that it will completely sell out the day it is launched. So, if you are an admirer of Starck’s design, get yourself an invitation and reserve one now!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Panama Real Estate in Highland Areas

Think Panama is nothing but fun in the sun?!? Check out these highland properties and why so many retirees are moving to Boquete!

LOCATION: Cerro Azul, Panama
AREA: 2.000,00m² / 21.527,82 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$95,000.00

Click here to request more information about this highland property in Panama. Click on Highland Properties and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!

AREA: 350.000,00m² / 3.767.368,70 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$2,800,000.00

Click here to request more information about this highland property in Panama. Click on Highland Properties and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!

Monday, May 21, 2007

City Condos for Sale in the Republic of Panama

Check out Real Estate in Panama!

LOCATION: Punta Pacífica, Panama City
AREA: 645,00m² / 6.942,72 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$1,200,000.00

Click here for more information about Bellagio in Panama City, Panama!

LOCATION: Punta Pacifica
AREA: 287,00m² / 3.089,24 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$500,000.00

Click here for more information about Blue Bahia in Panama City, Panama!

LOCATION: Avenida Balboa
AREA: 96,00m² / 1.033,34 ft²

PRICE: FROM US$193,000.00

Click here for more information about Bayfront Tower in Panama City, Panama!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Panama Canal Should Favor the Panamanian Economy

Expansion of the Panama Canal will benefit Panama's economy, if it favors all its sectors.

The expansion of the Panama Canal will benefit Panama's economy only if, through its investments, it nourishes all sectors, commmented Juan Carlos Mastellari, president elect of the Panamamanian Association of Business Executives.

All activities related to the Canal's expansion must be done with the utmost transparency and offer equal opportunities to all businesses to participate, he added.

"One of the things that we must guarantee is that the purchasing of the supplies for the Canal project's contracts is done in Panama and not abroad," Mastellari said.

The contracts to expand the Panama Canal, costing from 5 thousand to 250 million dollars, should commencce in the last trimester of 2007, after appropriating the first bidding for its excavation.

Photos courtesy of the Panama Canal Authority

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Panama Real Estate | Beach Homes in Panama

Panama's beaches are one of the country's most spectacular attributes. With coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific, one is sure to find the right beach to suit their needs!

AREA: 112.00m² / 1,205.56 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$145,000.00

Malibu Beach Park & Resort, just 45 minutes from Panama city. A life refuge with all the natural attributes of Eden: River, Beach, Mountain, Ocean.

Click here for more information about this Malibu Beach Park and Resort.

LOCATION: Punta Barco
AREA: 25,000.00m² / 269,097.76 ft²

Magnificent beachfront house in the exclusive beach of PUNTA BARCO, surrounded by gorgeous mansions with private beach. Incredible views of the beach, the ocean and natural surroundings.

Click here for more information about this beach house.

LOCATION: Coronado Beach
AREA: 4.100,00m² / 44.132,03 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$1,250,000.00

Magnificent beach house, located at “Coronado” beach on the Pacific Ocean of Panama, Republic of Panama. One hour by car from Panama City.

Click here for more information about this beach house.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Interested in Panama Real Estate's New Projects?

Here are 3 beautiful, new real estate projects in Panama City, Panama. More tomorrow!


LOCATION: San Francisco
AREA: 107,00m² / 1.151,74 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$171,200.00
Click here for more information about Park Loft


LOCATION: Avenida Balboa
AREA: 100,00m² / 1.076,39 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$218,000.00
Click here for more information about Marina Bay


LOCATION: Costa del Este
AREA: 267,00m² / 2.873,96 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$580,243.00

Click here for more information about Altamar del Este

Beautiful Panama Skyline

Monday, May 14, 2007

Future Balboa Avenue???

Avenida Balboa

Avenida Balboa

Commercial Center

Friday, May 11, 2007

US trade deal applies first to Panama, Peru pacts

ABC News - USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new US bipartisan trade policy should clear the way for votes on trade agreements with Panama and Peru, but pacts with Colombia and ...[more]

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Any questions???

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! The rainy season is pretty much in full effect here in Panama! We had a 100% white out yesterday...So much fun :-D

I know that many do not live in Panama and may have never visited. So, if anyone has any questions about anything in Panama (from real estate to tourism to legal questions, etc.), then please let me know! You can either leave a comment or email me at mona "at symbol" wsi-easyweb "dot" com.

I encourage any and all inquiries and comments! I will post the question and answer asap.

Kind regards,

P.S. Some photos of Panama for your viewing pleasure! Watch Internet TV programs about Panama and Panama Real Estate.

Panama City, Panama



Casco Viejo, Panama

Mona having a grand ole time

My kitty cat Pepper (picked off the streets of the Casco Viejo)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Panama in 2010?

Panama City in the 60s

Check out these amazing pictures! Courtesy of my friends at Skyscraper City.

Iglesia Carmen

Iglesia Carmen

El Panama

5 de Mayo

Information about Panama Real Estate

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Planning to Buy Panama Property

By James Quinn

Watch TV about Panama and Panama Real Estate from your Internet now!

Panama is a proud country that has a wealth of beautiful scenery, wildlife, culture and history. The thing that more people are discovering is that Panama property is extremely attractive to investors and those looking to relocate. The prices are very low, the laws make purchasing Panama property simple, there are tax benefits and there is an abundance of available property in the country.

Panama property taxes

The property taxes in Panama are based on a sliding scale with lower-cost properties paying less and more expensive properties shouldering a heavier burden. Panama Properties that have a registered value of $30,000 or less don't pay property tax. Panama Properties are taxed 1.75% between $30,000 and $50,000; a tax of 1.95% is levied for property values between $50,000 and $75,000; and 2.1% is charged for any property value above $75,000.

For construction permits issued after Sept. 1, 2006 these exemptions apply:

o Value up to $100,000: 15-year exemption
o Value from $100,000 to $250,000: 10-year exemption
o Value over $250,000: five-year exemption

Basic Real Estate Laws and How They Affect Buyers

There are several steps to purchasing Panama real estate; after finding a property the first step is making a down payment. The down payment shows that the buyer is earnest in his or her attempt to purchase Panama property. This down payment is normally 10% and becomes the property of the seller when the transaction is competed or if the buyer backs out of the deal. If the seller backs out of the deal, the buyer is entitled to double the down payment as a penalty; this penalty is meant to encourage the seller to honor his agreement to sell.

The Promise to Purchase agreement is critical to the entire process. This contract includes the legal description of both the transaction being executed and the parties involved. All necessary information is included in this document including the property description, the terms of the deal and the legal identification of both the buyer and seller. This document is later conveyed to the escrow company and both the information for the title the names for the disbursements are taken from its pages.

Types of properties

Panama property is broken down into two different types: titled land and "right to possess". Understanding these two types of property are critical to understanding exactly what you are buying.

Titled land

Titled land is the term for all properties that are recorded in the Public Registry. A formal history of ownership is available and any liens or other claims against the property are included. Like properties in the US, Panama property that is titled cannot be sold without a clear title, making the title search an important step in the process. It is wise to note that you can purchase title insurance and it is as strongly suggested for real estate in Panama as it is for real estate in the United States.

"Right to possess" property was established by the Panamanian government in 1971 to encourage inhabitation of unclaimed, untitled land. While "squatter's rights" haven't been used in the US for quite some time, it is still valid in Panama. For "right to possess" Panama property, it is very important to have a good attorney as legal issues could arise if proper procedures have not been followed by the previous owners. While this is concept is somewhat strange to Americans, don't be scared away if the property you want is 'right to possess". It is important that you and your attorney follow proper procedure and you can still securely get a great deal on your new real estate.


Panama property is an excellent value and the process to purchase it is actually quite simple. Make sure that you have a good attorney that can explain the process step by step and help you monitor the process. If you stay aware of the process, buying Panama property can be a very profitable and easy transaction.

Panama Real Estate Search - A site dedicated to information about Panama and Panama Real Estate.

Article Source

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wildlife Should Stay Wild

IPTV about Property in Panama

To help the creatures that reside in the jungle or woodland areas, the best thing for humans to do is to conserve their habitat.

For Pedro Méndez Carvajal, member of Panama’s Mastozoológica Society, conservation of the flora and fauna is of utmost importance, but he warns: “Even though we think we are doing the right thing, it is not always so.”

Méndez stresses that even though a person’s objective may be to protect the animal and plant species, sometimes an individual’s good intentions can be damaging. “To truly help the wildlife, a person should educate themselves about that specie’s particular biology and the role that each animal and plant species fulfills in its surrounding environment since each one represents a link in the chain of the other,” said Méndez, who works for the Florida Museum of Natural History in the assortment of mammals.

Mendez considers it mistaken to think that a wild animal would be better off in a person’s house than in their natural habitat, further emphasizing that the best way in which a human being can contribute to the survival of these species is to conserve their natural environment, as opposed to turning them into household pets.

For example, Méndez explains, to separate a monkey from its family is traumatic, creating issues for the monkey when it is reintroduced into the jungle.

IPTV about Property in Panama

Friday, May 4, 2007

Relocation Abroad: Ahhh!

By Mona Sutherland

Watch TV about Panama and Panama Real Estate now!

Moving is exciting for some and dreadful for others. The chore of packing all your personal belongings, making new friends and confronting the unknown can be daunting. However, a change of scenery, great job opportunity or better lifestyle can be extremely motivating factors. Regardless of whether you are looking forward to the big day or looking for anything to do but think about it, relocation is sure to bring a host of different experiences, ranging from complete excitement to an absolute nightmare, especially when moving overseas.

The packing process can be tricky, including the crucial decision when only one box is left: Is placing cleaning products and dry foods in the same box a bad idea? An enquiry that today remains unanswered. However, there are even more issues to solve when this move is being made to another country, including import taxes and “Where they heck do I pick up my stuff anyway?!”

So, after packing up your life as you know it, managing to get it to another country and into your new home, the fun part begins: Living abroad!

The expatriate is sure to ride the emotional rollercoaster after arriving in the host country, and a great majority of these ups and downs has to do with cultural differences. Cultural differences are here to stay and are what make life interesting. If you arrive in a new country with your ethnocentric thinking cap on, then all you’re going to get is a lot of migraines (the only plus being the funky Panamanian Panadol). However, despite how open we are to new things, cultural differences can make transitioning to a new country difficult. So, it is the responsibility of the expatriate to learn more about the host country’s customs and norms and be prepared for the bumpy ride ahead.

With regards to educating oneself about a country’s cultural nuances, I recommend the crash course lesson, which is showing up at the local watering hole and getting knackered with the natives. However, a more civilized approach would be to surf the internet, checking out a variety of online resources, such as blogs, forums and travel sites. Forums are excellent because one can post a question and get an assortment of answers from different individuals. Good expatriate websites with great forums are The Expat Exchange and Expat Forums. Also, Escape Artist provides an array of articles about living, working, investing & traveling overseas - including international real estate.

In addition to learning more about the country to which one will immigrate, expatriates can also develop a better understanding about the emotions they will undergo after relocation. (She said “emotion,” ahhhh! Don’t worry!) According to Professor Steve Barnett of the University of Louisville, most expatriates experience a common series of emotions upon arrival in a foreign country.

Before the move, you usually feel nervous, excited, scared, and/or all of the above. Upon arrival, you are on cloud nine. After all, life is exciting! Walking around the block is guaranteed to be barrels of fun, all the while ruminating as to why you did not make the move sooner. After a couple of months, the honeymoon is over. Walking around the block would be possible if they fixed that darn sidewalk or implemented some form of traffic control! The language barrier is finally getting to you and practicing has become more of a chore than a novelty. The expected, but dreaded, culture shock has arrived. But, you cannot go back now! After all, you just got here. So, you put on a smile, sonrisa, sourire or whatever the heck it is called, and get on with your life. Then, one day, you realize that you have been doing just that, getting on with your life. Wow! You have been living in a foreign country and actually learned how to grocery shop (200-grams of meat, none of that pound nonsense!) and pay your electricity bill. You find yourself becoming more competent and more familiar with the insider knowledge. Hooray!

For expatriates returning to their native country after a work assignment, they are expected to experience a reverse culture shock upon arrival, which will eventually subside.

For individuals that plan to relocate abroad permanently, whether for retirement, a better life or to be with a spouse, then I hope this finds them well. If you are in the stages of culture shock, then let this serve as a sort of pick-me-up. If you have already fought the good fight and can laugh at the fact that “nothing works,” then I hope this brings a smile to your face. :-D

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