Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

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In search of a more "tranquilo" place to spend my Carnavales, I chose Bocas Del Toro. Though I appreciate a good party, I am not one for getting sprayed with fire houses. I went to "La Tomatina" once in Buñol, Spain, and decided that I'd had enough of crazy, water-logged festivals!

It was my fifth time in Bocas (and I've only been in Panama 1 year and 9 months), though my first time spending Carnavales. To learn more about Bocas, check out Panama 9º80º, a superb lifestyle and travel magazine with interesting articles about Panama.

We stayed at Swan's Cay and El Limbo, both great hotels. Swan's Cay has comfortable rooms at a fair price. Also, they have a swimming pool and carpeted floors. The swimming pool comes in handy when you have had enough of the ocean water, and the carpeted floors keep you from tracking sand all over the place. El Limbo is arguably the nicest hotel on the main island Isla Colon. A fews select rooms have beautiful views of the ocean and the surrounding islands. The beds are incredibly comfortable and the rooms are well lit. However, you pay for the upgrade.

The service this trip was less-than-optimal. I understand the relaxed, Caribbean atmosphere, but it was a little much, or less, at times. I am under the impression that the large amount of visitors, combined with the locals enjoying their holidays, created a strain on personnel. Just be sure to bring something to do during breakfast!

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