Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Beautiful Weather in Panama

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This post is a little more personal, but a personal touch to the sometimes stringent world of the Internet, where an algorithm runs the better part of my professional life, is always a pleasant surprise.

Tonight I walked to Blockbuster with Cate, one of my best friends since childhood that is in Panama visiting. As we toted along my mini schnauzer Tico, who is physically unable to walk in a straight line, we began to talk about the weather in Panama. The rainy season, from around June to December, can get a bit humid, but the Panamanian "summer" is absolutely delightful. The sun is shining and a constant breeze is continuously cooling you off. Mid conversation, Cate asked me if there were hurricanes in Panama, and I said, "Nope! None of that!" Another plus about this country.

Cate was impressed, especially since she has spent a lot of time in Florida, the state that Panama is most commonly compared to. Not only does Panama not have hurricanes, but as the visitor commented in the last post, the drivers are CRAZY (at least most of the time!). According to Cate, there are only two kinds of drivers in Florida: The older folks that drive 40 mph, and everyone else that drives 90 mph because they're so frustrated with all the slow pokes!

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