Thursday, December 7, 2006

Mona Sutherland

Hello everyone!

After some thought, I figured that I should introduce myself, since I'll be writing the blog!

My name is Mona Sutherland, and I celebrated my Panniversary (anniversary here in Panama) of a year and a half December 2nd. I think I watched Jeopardy and ate Sushi Itto, two of my favorite pasttimes. I love Panama and encourage you to visit if you never have!

I studied Psychology at UCLA, and am currently completing my MBA at the University of Louisville. I have 1 miniature schnauzer named Tico, and three cats, two from the street and one darling Persian. Their names are Oca Loca, Pepper, and Duchess (guess which one the Persian is). I swear I'm not a cat lady, at least not yet. I don' t have a rocking chair and can't crochet, so I think I'm in the clear.

I work for WSI as the Search Marketing Specialist and will be handing the SEO and PPC for Latin America Real Estate TV. Please feel free to ask my anything!

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