Thursday, December 7, 2006

Adrian Benedetti

Even though Adrian was born in Panama, he considers himself a true American, of the continent that is. He has lived in the US and Mexico as well as Panama.

A year after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a bachelors in Humanities, Adrian decided to pack up his car and drive down to Panama. Amazing road trips can have a huge impact on a person’s life and this one did just that.

Once in Panama, Adrian wanted to get involved in developing environmental education projects that made learning and caring for the environment fun. His first job, working with the Peregrine Fund in Panama and their Harpy Eagle education program gave him the opportunity to work with rural communities, schools, and social organizations of all shapes and sizes. Now he is the director of Summit Nature Park – Panama, Panama’s national botanical garden and zoo and is spearheading a project that aims to transform the park into a one of a kind environmental education tool and attraction for both Panamanians and tourists.

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