Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Commercial Real Estate in Panama

Panama has an array of great commerical real estate. Whether you are looking for a secure property investment, a practical office space, or a funky, new age building for your ultra modern entrepreneurial endeavor, you are bound to find something here!


LOCATION: 50th and 56th Street, Panama City
AREA: 145,00m² / 1.560,77 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$383,760.00

***The Revolution Tower project has placed Panama at the forefront of the region's architectural design, utilizing the latest technology and security measures for "smart" office buildings.***

Click here to request more information about the Revolution Tower in Panama. Click on City Homes and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!


LOCATION: Via España

AREA: 45,00m² / 484,38 ft²
PRICE: FROM US$71,400.00

***Property Management is Available for this Project***

Click here to request more information about the San Fernando Professional Center in Panama. Click on City Homes and then on Contact Us, and we'll respond to your request ASAP!


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Te comento tengo decidido comprar en Revolution como de lugar quiero comprar aqui en el proyecto.
En Oceania me ofrecen a 1800 por metro, yo creo que Revolution es posible conseguir 2000 por metro.

Te comento estoy bastante ancioso y la primera oportunidad que se me presenta ire al cierre.