Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Celebrities in Panama

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What do Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mel Gibson and Miguel Bose have in common? All have recently paid a visit to Panama, and though their reasons were diverse, all have shown interest in Panama real estate.

In January, Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie visited Panama to see the construction site and scale model of the building to be inaugurated in 2008 as the Biodiversity Museum, designed by Frank O. Ghery. The Pitts enjoyed lunch and studied the scale model for over an hour, appreciating the different views the building will soon have. Brad and Angelina also explored the Casco Viejo, wandering among the spectacular colonial buildings, and then set off to spend the night in the Anton Valley, located in the country’s interior about a two hour drive from Panama City. The national press speculated that Pitt and Jolie considered investing in Panama real estate while touring the country.
In March, Mel Gibson visited Panama, presumably to scout locations for production of his next film. During his five days in Panama, he explored various hotel properties, including Gamboa, Villa Camilla in Azueros, Bocas del Toro, Darien and Playa Bonita, each beach locations or in close proximity to the ocean. It has been rumored that Mel Gibson had a meeting with a real estate agent in Panama, though we cannot say for sure what transpired.

Miguel Bose, the Panamanian born Spanish singer, recently visited and bought a condominium in a luxurious building located in the interior of Panama. The condominium is on the beach and possesses a spectacular ocean view. However, we are not sure if he bought the condo as an investment or for personal use.

Without a doubt, the first months of the year have been interesting for Panama. Though the country is small, in a couple of years it may be more likely to spot a celebrity here than on the streets of Hollywood.

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